Online programs

The benefits of Digital College online trainings

  • Learning at your own pace
  • A personalized follow up by your advisors and tutors
  • A training that is compatible with your professional life
  • Full remote courses and exams, accessible on any digital support
  • A state-approved diploma, registered at the RNCP

What is online training and who is it for ?

With the Online Campus of Digital College you are given the opportunity to follow each training-course remotely. You will fulfill your school year, entirely at your own pace. In your personal account, you will have access to your training, a combination of written courses, video modules and infographics. 

We conceive and modify our content each year, revolving around the expertise of the digital field, relying on the knowledge of the most qualified professionals of the sector. As you acquire both technical and managerial skills, Digital College helps you develop your professional agility and increase your assets in the labor market. 

Our online degree trainings are designed for students who wish to pursue their studies in the digital field, from 3 years of tertiary education, and to professionals who desire to enter a new career or to complete their education. As such, our programs can be paid for by your CPF. The programs can be followed as a classic training-course or with an apprenticeship, provided you have a professionalization contract or an apprenticeship contract.

How does the training unfold ?

The training-course is done remotely. Once you have registered, you have one year to complete your training. Your account will grant you access to a full program, composed of 6 teaching units, each composed of several modules and chapters. You can follow the courses at your own pace, and are granted access to all our online events (masterclasses, replay of conferences) and physical events (learning expeditions, student galas, graduation ceremonies…).

To pass the examination, you will be given quizzes at the end of the modules and case studies that you will upload in a .pdf at the end of each teaching unit. A specific teaching unit is also always dedicated to the fulfillment of professional projects that ought to be uploaded online (creating a website, a start-up…). Once the whole programme is successfully completed, you will have to pass a final oral exam.
All along your training, you can reach out to your tutor or your training advisor if you encounter a technical problem or some difficulty.

Which diploma do you receive at the end of your training online?

With our Online Campus, you will remotely pass a state-approved diploma, registered at the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (title RNCP), level 6 (Bachelor 3) or level 7 (Ms 2). The MS1 does not grant you a diploma since the training takes place over two years: MS 1 and MS 2. Yet, you can directly enter a Ms 2 if you already have completed four years of tertiary education (BAC + 4).

The stated diplomas are identical to the titles granted to physical students on our different campuses in France or abroad.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, you simply need to apply online. You must then directly upload the required documents for your application (resume, last diploma, grades, ID, and ID picture) and pay the 190€ registration fees.

Once your file is completed, you will be quickly contacted by one of our training advisors who will set up a remote admission interview. If your application is successful, you will then be granted access to the final payment of your online training, which you can pay in one or six installments.

Our english certified online degrees

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